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David Tennant to apear at Midnight :-)

This has just been Tweeted - Starfury Conventions @starfuryevents

David Tennant has agreed to join us at Starfury: Midnight in Birmingham this December.

Team Barrowman Videos

Just had to post this link after watching JB on these. He's been at the Jubilee on the Belfry Barge and posted various videos throughout the day. The best one is when he's home and in the bath ;-) Jack the dog tries to join him, lol.

Enjoy x


Fave Doctor videos on YouTube

Been a while since I posted and I was just going through some of my fave vids on youtube so thought I'd post a cpl of them.

I love the fun in the 1st one, I think it captures the essence of the Doctor and his companions. The 2nd one is my favorite speech and the last just kills me, literally. I can't watch it without crying at the end. One of the best round ups that I've seen of all Ten's time.




Hope you enjoyed them.

If you have any amazing ones you'd like to share please feel free to share them in the comments :-)

Doctor Who official convention in Cardiff.

Oooh one day to go and then I'll be there :-) Can't wait to walk round the TARDIS set. Will post some pics next week. Anyone else on here going? And I now have TARDIS blue nails with sparkles (well as near as I can).

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Silly New Year Resolutions Meme

Swiped from amberfocus

In 2012, Tracy_Lousia resolves to...
Become a better meatloaf.
Learn to play the cinema.
Spend less time on haven.
Overcome my secret fear of bones.
Give up reading.
Get back in contact with some old david eddings.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Well Meatloaf music is good not sure about the food.

Play the cinema? No clue but I should go more.

I like Haven, altho not sure what trouble I would have.

Secret fear of bones? Not that I know of but I've always been terrified of falling down the stairs and breaking something.

Give up reading, Never, ever, in a million years.

Love David Eddings books, but seeing as he's left us I don't think I'll be getting in touch, lol.


Just in case no one on here has seen this -

Amazing man

DT and GM married?

Just wanted to share this in case any of you haven't see it.


All I can say is congrats to them both.

Meme - My Fandom Card

Saw this posted by who_in_whoville and had to do it. I did the 50 questions :-)

Woohoo, I'm The Doctor :-)

You can find it here http://thepottergames.com/quiz/


Merry Christmas

Just a quick post to wish everyone I know on here a very merry Christmas. You all have inspired me immensely and I love being part of things. It's probably a bit late for most of you as its now gone 2am here. So a very merry crimbo to you all, enjoy. X

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Good morning my lovely LJ friends.

In case some of you don't know David Tennant was a surprise guest at the Christmas Beer and Cake show run by Christian O'Connell from Absolute Radio. Someone from the event called Richard White posted these pictures on twitter.

Links under here......Collapse )